Albert Wendt

Adrian and Lavender 
Adrian und Lavendel

ISBN: 978-3-7026-5755-0
120 pages
EUR (AT) 14.00 / EUR (DE) 14.00 / CHF (CH) 19.90
21.30 x 14.30cm
Cover: Hardcover
First published in 2004


One day a steamroller with delicate wings lands in the garden of the fairytale-writer Adrian. His name is Lavender. After a few initial problems Adrian and Lavender get on well together. This sets the beginning to a tender and cheerful story about an unusual friendship.
Lavender is as enterprising and curious as he is obstinate and stubborn, no wonder that there are a few tensions between the two of them. Still they go through a great and also exciting time together, until Lavender suddenly disappears after a quarrel. And then Adrian discovers something which he would never have dreamed of.