Rachel van Kooij

The Sinking of the Batavia 
Der Kajütenjunge des Apothekers

ISBN: 978-3-7026-5765-9
288 pages
EUR (AT) 17.00 / EUR (DE) 17.00 / CHF (CH) 23.90
21.30 x 14.30cm
Cover: Hardcover
First published in 2005

Categories: Young Adults 12 +,

World ex. Korea

In the autumn of 1628, a fleet of the East India Company is on its way from Holland to the East Indies. The flagship Batavia, however, never reaches its destination – it runs aground a reef off the Australian coast and sinks.
One of those on board is sixteen-year-old Jan, a freshly signed-on sailor, who is put under psychological pressure by the second merchant Jeronimus Cornelis, a calculating and unscrupulous man.
After the Batavia is shipwrecked, the captain and the chief merchant Fransisco Pelsaert sail on in a lifeboat in order to get help. The other members of the crew manage to save themselves onto a small group of islands. The newly-gained safety, however, turns out to be deceptive. Cornelis seizes power and sets up a terror regime which nobody can escape.
Jan, too, is drawn into the maelstrom of violence and oppression. At the end he is fighting for his bare life.
The novel is based on historical facts, thoroughly researched by the author.