Albert Wendt

Betti Chain Mail 
Betti Kettenhemd

ISBN: 978-3-7026-5792-5
120 pages
EUR (AT) 14.00 / EUR (DE) 14.00 / CHF (CH) 19.90
21.30 x 14.30cm
Cover: Hardcover
First published in 2010

World ex. Korea, China

Bettina from next-door is afraid of everything and everybody. Especially of Black Dustbin, a big, dangerous dog. She observes him again and again, but dares not to get closer. One day Black Dustbin gets tangled up in a thorn bush. Bettina saves him and they become friends. The dog whizzes away and leaves his chain behind, a protective and strong chain that has experienced a lot. Bettina sloops the chain around her body. From that moment on she is the brave Betti Chain Mail. With Black Dustbin and Tek-tek, the partridge, she lives on Dr. Müller-Meckel’s hunting ground. There is nothing he hates more than disarrangement, so he tries everything to get rid of Betti. But even the worst dirty tricks cannot harm Betti.