Rosemarie Eichinger

Do The Dead Eat Strawberry Tart? 
Essen Tote Erdbeerkuchen?

ISBN: 978-3-7026-5854-0
120 pages
EUR (AT) 15.00 / EUR (DE) 15.00 / CHF (CH) 21.50
21.30 x 14.30cm
Cover: Hardcover
First published in 2015

World ex. Denmark, Hungary

Emma spends most of her free time at the cemetery. Therefore most people at school think she is strange. But it isn’t so exceptional as her father is gravedigger and she lives in a house right beside the wall of the cemetery.
Peter’s twin brother was killed in an accident. Since then Peter comes to the cemetery every day, sits at Martin’s grave and gazes intently. That can’t stay that way, decides Emma and makes friends with him. Together they find a way out of the cemetery into life.