Rachel van Kooij

The World's Most Important Stamp 
Die weltwichtigste Briefmarke

ISBN: 978-3-7026-5971-4
336 pages
21.30 x 14.30cm
Cover: Hardcover
First published in 2022

Categories: Young Adults 12 +,


World War I, Belgium. Twelve-year-old Thierry wants to take revenge on the German occupiers for the death of his mother and joins "the twelve most daring boys in Belgium". An attempt at sabotage fails and the boys are imprisoned. Thierry's grandfather is able to get him out, but the boy has to leave town immediately and is placed with his great-aunt in Geel. Here, people with mental disabilities have been living as guests in foster families for centuries. So does Albert, who is mentally unstable. He is excellent at drawing and works on the "world's most important stamp", which he wants to give to the Belgian king. Thierry incites him to draw the German troop movements and thus puts Albert in great danger. To save him, Thierry and his friend Elsie want to take Albert to the neutral Netherlands - but the border is secured by soldiers and the electric "death wire" ...